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Top 5 Ways to Make Money with your Website

Do You have a blog, Do you have traffic on your site, but you're not making any money yet. What should you do? well today, I'm going to share with you five ways you can monetize your blog. Let's start off with the easiest one. Number one is AdSense, it's something that Google provides, and allows you to put ads on your site. 

People use AdSense on their site, you put it throughout your text, your sidebar, every time they click on it, you will make money from it. Number two, affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are where you promote a service or product, and you get paid every time you drive a sale with the affiliate link. 

There are a lot of Ad networks out there that have affiliate offers such as JVZoo, or Click Bank. You can go there to sign up for offers and promote them on your site, and you'll get paid every time you drive a sale with your affiliate links. Number three, sell digital products. From e-books to courses, there is an infinite amount of possibilities and high advantage with digital products. 

You can even use a service called Kajabi. It enables to deliver your digital products to the people who buy it. Now when you are selling digital products, the best way to do it is typically through a webinar. Once people go to your site, register for a webinar there, watch, and then some of them will buy or become customers, or leads, for your digital products. 

Number four, sell your own ad. AdSense, is owned by Google, is the middleman. If you don't want to have a middleman in your site, you can go directly to the people that should be advertising and get them to buy ads. It is for sure, most people are going to say no, but that's okay. If you get enough visitors up, someone will buy an ad on spot. 

That way you can keep that middleman fee and you'll make more money through it. Number five, sell physical products. A good example for this is Legion Athletics. They have a blog everything about fitness and they sell physical products.  supplements, Proteins, vitamins, and you know what? They turn millions and millions of dollars a year. 

They turn over $10 million a year, literally, over $10 million a year because of their site traffic. It's super effective if you are creating an amazing product that people want to buy. Use those five methods and you will definitely be able to monetize your blog. If you want to use multiple of ad or affiliate network, you can. 

Some people put ads and they sell digital products. Many people, sell digital products and physical at the same time. It depends on you, how you want to do it. I wouldn't recommend doing all the five ad network, because it's just overwhelming for your visitors, but you can pick some of them and try it. 

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